2023 MFA in Creative Writing. California Institute of the Arts. Santa Clarita. (ongoing)

2022 MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art. SMFA at Tufts University. Boston.

2020 BFA with Distinction. Sculpture/Installation and Creative Writing. OCAD U. Toronto.


2023 Embodiment/Disembodiment in MMO/RPGs. CalArts. Santa Clarita.

2023   Keynote Speaker at Foundation Fighting Blindness Boston Vision Seminar. Boston.   

2022   Fall Visiting Lecturer at the Experimental College at Tufts University. Medford. 

2022   Graduate Commencement Speaker. Tufts University. Medford.

2022  Ted Talk. Ted x Tufts University. Boston.


2022  SMFA Art Sale. SMFA at Tufts. Boston.

2022 MFA Show / Forever In Ten Days. Tufts University Art Galleries. Medford.

2021 Photo and Digital Media Area Show 2021. SMFA. Virtual/Boston.

2021 First Year MFA Show: Afterscript. SMFA. Virtual/Boston.

2020 GradEx. OCAD U. Virtual/Toronto.

2020 SMFA Art Sale. The SMFA at Tufts. Virtual/Boston.

2020 It's Always  Good To Hear From You. Beaver  Hall Gallery. Toronto.

2019 Messmates. Ada Slight Gallery. Toronto.

2019 Food Sport. Good Sport Gallery. London.

2019 Delivery Notice. Beaver Hall Gallery. Toronto.

2019 Itinerant Objects. Tate Modern. London, UK.

2019 Brunch (Sculpture Salon). Winchester School of Art. Winchester, UK.

2018 Saturate. Beaver Hall Gallery. Toronto.

2018 Magic Gumball Machine of Fate. OCAD U. Toronto.

2018 Hindsight. Ada Slaight Gallery. Toronto.

2017 En/Untitled. En/Untitled Gallery. Toronto.

2016 A Personal Photo Narrative. OCAD U. Toronto.

2016 First Year Exhibition. OCAD U. Toronto.

2016 First Year Sculpture Exhibition. OCAD U. Toronto.


2022 “Jouissance.” Artist book, poetry.

2020 “The Roses In My Closet.” Lyrical essay and poetry collection.

2020 “Portrait of the Artist.” Thesis paper as a long form poem.

2020 “A Tending to Things." Contributor. Collected thesis documentations.

2019 “All The Men I've Loved Are Dead.” Lyrical essay collection.

2019 “Self(ish).” Artist publication.

2018 “Cherry Pits.” Poetry collection.

2018 “All These Things That I Have Seen." Short story.

2018 "Art Brats Go To Heaven (A Working Theory)." Artist Publication.

2018 “Not About Me (But It Is)” Poetry collection.


2023 MFA Scholarship. CalArts. 

2020 MFA Scholarship. SMFA at Tufts.

2020 Project 31 Award in Sculpture/Installation. OCAD U.

2019 Wayne Lum Scholarship. OCAD U.

2019 Bradford Family Bursary. OCAD U.


2020  It's Always  Good To Hear From You. Beaver  Hall Gallery. Toronto.

2017 En/Untitled. En/Untitled Gallery. Toronto.

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